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  • When I started at Hayden Labs UK in the 1980s, the first thing I did was revamp all the desking with Swedish Kinnarps desk modules, spec new ergonomic chairs and redecorate the dark building interior in light modern colours.

    Staff felt valued and productivity soared.

  • When I started my own consultancy, I ran out and bought the Aeron chair I always wanted and that my employer thought was too expensive. 25 years later the chair is still comfort & perfection. Moral? spend the money where it counts!

    Recently IKEA Powered Standing Desks have been a great addition to my workspace and basic IKEA tables with bamboo tops form a large work surface. Moral? you can save cash with carefully specified basic products.

  • “I have worked with Rob for many years and always found him to be extremely professional. He consistently offers better product knowledge than the vast majority of designers and indeed many design and technology journalists.

    Rob is always genuinely personable and quite frankly he could teach a hungry doberman a few things about the value of tenacity.”

    Strategy Director at The SnapDonate Foundation

I have spent my working life in art, design, photography and technology. Combined with a love and study of architecture, this has given me an armoury of skills to use when speccing homes, studios and offices.

I started helping friends and now I advise commercially on interior design and technology, in particular for AV Rooms, offices and music studios. Smart Locks? Standing Desks? an Eames Chair to lounge and an Aeron to work? Ducted Aircon, Apple HomeKit, LED Projectors and more.

I use and test hundreds of products every year and am able to advise from dligent research and real-life experience.


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