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A Father, Tech Head, Design Fan, Martini Lover, Champagne Socialist and avid reader of Science Fiction. London born & bred, now happily living in Melbourne with my wife Andrea and 9 year old son Tom. I work globally in English language markets and specialise in various areas of PR, Product and Marketing for consumer technology brands, Freelance Journalism in the Tech Field, Professional event and travel photography, Acoustics and Music System Consultancy for bars and restaurants.

I studied at the infamous University Of Life, trained as an electronics engineer, worked as a photographer, ran two of London's best Hi-Fi stores, sold Sennheiser & Revox on the road and later launched and later managed Dual & Denon in the UK. On January 1st 1990, I went out on my own and have never looked back.

With a life misspent in the Tech, Music and Hi-Fi industry, I know my subjects inside-out and if you hire me or call me, you get me. Not an agency reception, retired journalist, Tracy, Shane, Lunchtime O'Booze or this week's unpaid agency intern. No PR fluff, no bullshit, no lies. 

If I write about technology for you, there is no need to fact check as I get it right the first time.


Acoustics and Interior Design
Key Sales
Marketing Consultancy
Pure PR
Social Media


In my long career in the UK Hi-Fi industry I worked in almost every possible role. Starting as a spendy customer, I became a shop assistant in London, climbed to store manager, went on the road as a UK sales rep, was promoted to sales manager, then marketing manager and finished employment as Marketing Director for Denon UK. 

Striking out on my own in 1990, I started Robert Follis Associates (RFA) 1990 and have continued successfully ever since, specialising in PR and Social Media for clients making and selling consumer electronics, personal gadgets, Hi-Fi, AV, computers, software and all related technologies and accessories. 

In 2015 I moved to Melbourne and now PR globally in all English Language markets. Additionally I run Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds for multiple clients.

Recently I have started writing again and tech journalism will be part of my portfolio career going forward from late 2017.

Brands I have worked with include: Acoustic Research / Aiwa / Akai / Amphion / Arcam of Cambridge / Bowers & Wilkins Canton / Denon / DTS / Elac / Focal / Fujitsu-ten / Naim / Nuforce / Path Group / Tangent / Tannoy Sennheiser UK / Sennheiser Communications / Supra & More


  • "Rob is a truly excellent PR because he understands both the products he's pushing and the needs of the journalists he's talking to. He's knowledgable enough to comfortably pitch editorial ideas to cynical editors, and incredibly responsive too - on many late deadlines at Stuff magazine he saved my neck by supplying images and products at the drop of a hat."

    Group Creative Director at Mediablaze Group.
    Past Stuff Editor, TV Star and noted tech writer
  • “Rob is a rare character in the world of consumer technology PR. He has a deep understanding of his clients and products, as well as a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the technology. 

    Never have I asked Rob a technical question that he didn't know the answer to, and never has he failed to deliver on a promise. I've worked with Rob for many years and I've always been completely confident in his ability to get me the products, information or answers I need.”

    Editorial Director at Dennis Engage
  • “I have worked with Rob for many years and always found him to be extremely professional. He consistently offers better product knowledge than the vast majority of PR people and indeed many technology journalists. Rob is always genuinely personable (so long as his clients are receiving decent reviews) and quite frankly he could teach a hungry doberman a few things about the value of tenacity.”

    Strategy Director at The SnapDonate Foundation
    Past writer for Sunday Times, Stuff and much more


  • "Of all the PR people that I have worked with over the years, you have always stood above the rest when delivering true results rather than trying to blind the client with fluff!"

    EX Director of Marketing at Sennheiser UK
  • "Many thanks for your great PR in the UK.

    You have again done a great job."

    "Wooouw - That's fantastic - looks really great. I'm 110 % sure we all will benefit of this. I appreciate your work a lot."

    EX Sales Manager at Tangent Denmark
  • “After running Denon's in-house marketing, Robert took over all external PR in 1990 and helped us grow the brand tremendously, with an unbroken stream of publicity and good reviews"

    "He is totally self-motivated, needs no handholding and has an unparalled knowledge of products, press and markets"

    "If you need PR help in the AV business, I have no higher recomendation."

    EX-MD at Denon and Pioneer

PO Box 1052 Fitzroy North VIC 3068 Australia
ABN Number: 546 267 846 98 

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